Please help me test this

Hi you guys,

I just subscribed you to a mailing list which will:

1.  automatically post your email posted to this list to the forum

2.  automatically generate comment threads per topic in the
economicpopulist forum

3.  send to you any posts on the forum to this mailing list.


Q:  Where will your posts appear?


What I'm doing is integrating mailing lists with blog software.

This is a test and I'm still working out the bugs, so the focus for now
is just this one forum on an interactive mailing list with integration
into a CMS.

1.  Each forum topic is set by the subject in the email

Change the subject line and a new topic will be started in the forum.

So, if you want to just have a discussion, do not change the
subject line in the email or on the forum.

Just click reply to stay in the same discussion thread.

2.  Please strip out in replies:  the original message,  signature
lines, images for now (right now not working) and the post you are
replying to. 

3.  please DO NOT include this mailing list with others when emailing
or forward this mailing list to others you do not completely trust.

     If you want to take something from another list, just you cut and

Later I can deal with that but because some of you have not created
accounts on economicpopulist, for now I have settings on this setup
that would

cause me great woes if you add this mailing list to your other mailing
list postings.

Thanks.  Mike, David, Numan, Rennie, Kim and myself are the ones on
this list.  I will invite others but I need to do a better beta test.

You are the ones most interested in web technologies and I want to see
if this works so we might get our HTML disabled and blog intimidated to
start contributing

while remaining with their comfortable application they know and
abuse:  email.

again above is the location of this forum.  You can also find it by
going to the front page, clicking on forums and going to Progressional
Labor Issues.

Forum Categories: 

Please help me test this


I've been working on the site all day and this is very buggy. I have other real problems with bugs beyond this feature.
to post to the forum, you must follow the rules I sent out,

1. remove original message if replying
2. keep subject line the same if replying
3. no attachments

and I now closed the list so the only way anyone can use this is if they registered on the site.

It's the best I can do for now.


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Please help me test this

One more thing, post to this list separately. Do not include it with
multiple mailing lists or other users.

That causes massive bounces and potential spam harvesting. As does not
removing the original message before replying.



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Please help me test this

Ignore, doing another test:

another good blog just discovered on trade,

Trade Reform

Test to try to get handler to parse HTML correctly.

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If anyone is having problems posting and they are a registered user, please use the contact form to alert us.

I found a major problem and am working on it but this particular bug doesn't appear with admin accounts so I was not aware it existed.

Thanks for you help.

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