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Safeway Skewered for Throwing 6,000 Workers Under the Bus in Video Parody

Safeway closed a whopping 72 Dominick's grocery stores resulting in 6,000 jobs lost.  They acquired Dominck's grocery chain, engaged a hedge fund, hyped up the stock price and then promptly shuttered the Illinois neighborhood grocery.  The excuse is these Dominick's grocery stores serve low profit margin geographical locations.  In other words, Safeway doesn't want to offer grocery access to poor people.

The Latest Never Ending Adventures in Corporatism Via the TPP

What a world, what a world, what a world.  Wikileaks has published more secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement documents, revealing more and more how the United States represents large corporations and not the citizens of the nation.  The Huffington Post said it best.  They published a large front page photo of President Obama with the glaring headline, Company Man.

Text of Bail Out Act Before Congress - TAKE ACTION NOW!

Update 09/28/08: If you are looking for the latest draft of the bill, look here. The draft in this blog post is now out of date - The Economic Populist Admin.

Calculated Risk has the scoop on the text of the bailout bill. 

Hat tip to Calculated Risk via Kossack 3 goldens, who has supplied the text of the Wall Street Bailout Act that Bush expects Congress to approve within the next week.