Cyprus bailout

Friday Movie Night - A Collection of Outrage

Tonight's Friday Night Video is a collection of news and interview clips that need to be seen to be believed.  The first is a report from NBC Rock Center on how people are getting their identities stolen and then ripped off.  If that wasn't bad enough, identity thieves are filing bogus tax returns and collecting the refunds

The Cyprus Bailout Solves Nothing

Do you still want to hold your money in Italian banks?  What about Spanish banks, or even in the United States?  The Cyprus bail-out, or bail-in as the EU likes to call it, has not put those questions to rest. They’ve become even more urgent now that the Troika – the alliance of European Union, European Central Bank, and IMF bureaucrats who spend their time going from one country bailout to another – have decided that depositors will be on the hook the next time a bank goes under.

The War on Savers Heats Up

The United States has so many “wars” on its hands that no one can keep them all straight. The War on Terror, the War on Drugs, the War in Afghanistan, the Drone War, the War on Women, the War in Iraq. To this must be added a quiet war, begun in 2008 as a response to the financial crisis, and so low key that it doesn’t deserve capital letters – the war on savers.