A Select Comparison/Contrast of the Democratic & Republican Platforms on Issues Important to U.S. Workers

With the political convention rhetoric soaring and political ads about to carpet bomb the airwaves, we thought it might be useful to comparison/contrast the Democratic and Republican platforms and show for U.S. workers both have policy agendas which will damage the middle class. The Democratic platform is here and the Republican one, seemingly not even indexed by Google, is here, in large pdf form. Let's take economic and labor issues and compare them side by side.


Comparison of Democrat and Republican Platforms 




U.S. Worker Choice
University Green Card ATM Yes Yes Both Bad
More Guest Worker Visas Yes Yes Both Bad
China Currency Manipulator No Yes GOP
Bad Trade Deals Yes Yes Both Bad
Financial Reform Yes No Dem
Student Loans Yes No Dem
Outsourcing Yes Yes Both Bad
Unlimited Migration/Immigration Yes No GOP
Unions Yes No Dem
Taxes on the Rich Yes No Dem


Tidbits from the Democratic Policy Platform

This is a first review the Democratic Policy Platform Draft in terms of trade, economic and labor reforms, focus on US workers. I'll let you click on the original and decide for yourselves.

What I see is a lot of problem description and a whole lot of vague rhetoric that implies more of the same. We know more of the same is not dramatic policy change in favor of US national economic interests or US workers interests.

Parsing through the pages and pages of rhetoric which describe various problems, I managed to pull out a few hints of actual policy agenda and frankly it's not good.