Site Upgrade!

Hello All Economic Populists. The site has been upgraded. We're still adding features and fine tuning the site. For now, if anyone has any problems logging in, using the site, funky display, or any other problems, please let us know.

We've had to do some of the design in place, due to the difficulty of such a fast moving site and limited server resources. So, please let us know any problems, but be aware we are also designing, making changes as fast as we can.

Some Changes to The Economic Populist

Hello Fellow EPers!. There are some changes to The Economic Populist. Author accounts to write posts must be requested and are by approval. Discussion and participation on the site is not changed. The Economic Populist has become more journalistic, with professional essays and articles. We need to limit the registration to discussion initially to make sure authors write to the quality standards of the site.

Major Site Administration News

Folks, we are on a new server! Please leave a comment or email via the main contact form of any problems, page loads, access to your accounts.

Feedback on the new server as well as the site is greatly appreciated! We should now have the resources to make a lot of changes to the site itself.

If you can't get through at all, the gmail is oak.robert.

Below is the reason for the move. We're on a VPS with Wired Tree for all geek readers.

Help Build The Economic Populist

Hi Folks,

I think we have dynamite authors, well thought out, cited posts plus a lot of good outrage going on EP.

Please help others find the site, read the posts and encourage participation.

When you see someone on another site who clearly has good input on economic policy, stats, issues, invite them over to join. Use the share buttons on posts you particularly like.

Link over to posts on EP in your other discussions when referencing something you read. List EP in your blog rolls and tell other sites who are covering economics or economic policy about EP so maybe we can get more cross over participation.

EP is a community site, anyone can write a post, the comments are user tracked so people can have individual conversations and we even have the Instapopulist, so one can write without the pressure of an article level of Journalism.

Site change, Blog posts must now be promoted to front page by users

The site structure has changed. Now all blog posts go into the blog queue and do not start out on the front page.

All posts must now be promoted, or voted up to the front page. See the up/down arrow at the bottom left of each post.

This change is to reduce clutter on the front page as well as for quality control.

It requires everyone to read the new blogs section, now at the top of the site as well as vote on posts to promote them to the front page.

Read the about section for more posting details.

Any issues, problems, complaints, leave them in the comments.

This is a temporary solution until the site upgrade is complete.

All RSS feeds right now remain a queue, based on posting time, with no waiting, as well as the real blog page.

The layout and the theme was also changed. This is also temporary until the upgrade is complete.

Also the Forum categories were reorganized to help with better categorization and navigation.

What is Appropriate & What is Not on The Economic Populist

Question: What is the biggest sacrilege on The Economic Populist?

  Answer: To write Economic Fiction

Question: What is Economic Fiction?

  Answer: Any statement that cannot be backed up in statistical fact and theory.

Question: What happens if I write Economic Fiction?

  Answer: It depends on the severity.

  Here are causes for immediate banning:

  1. Posting comments to promote a business or website. Examples are payday loans or selling gold, credit cards. If you wish to advertise on The Economic Populist, please contact us but product comment spam is not tolerated. We will not advertise scams or predatory lending.
  2. Writing an Economic Fiction post which has no basis in statistics or theory
  3. Promoting violence
  4. Racism
  5. Hatred

EP Upgrade Site Wish List

The Economic Populist will be upgraded. It's quite a massive job but it needs to be done.

Right now I can tell you the upgraded site will be based on Drupal and many of the site features which are custom to The Economic Populist will be ported.

With that, I am asking for a wish list from users.

What kind of features do you want? They can be in your imagination to things you might want from other sites.

I'll read all requests.

Here is the first example. We can use scribd to embed into web pages any spreadsheet, power point presentations.

We can also use Google API to integrate any features desired from Google.

I can also embed the use of LaTex. LaTex is a document formatting language, designed specifically for advanced mathematical formula presentations.

The Economic Populist Site Rank, Statistics and All of That Jazz

Help The Economic Populist Break Through the top 100,000 blogs!

Technorati now ranks The Economic Populist 105,409 in top blog rankings. There are literally millions of blogs Technorati ranks.

Let's push it over the hill to get in the top 100,000! This is a milestone for our new community and site. How to push it over the top? Create an account in Technorati and favorite this blog, add EP to your blog roll or reference a particular post that you like in comments on other blogs (make sure it's relevant, don't just do that to do that).

Even better, The Economic Populist is ranked 11th in readability of all of the Economics blogs!