The Great Economic Plan is...Tax Cuts?

Where have we heard this before? Wasn't it Bush II who claimed tax cuts stimulate the economy? Yet splashed all over the headlines are more tax cuts.

President-elect Barack Obama, commencing face to face consultations with congressional leaders Monday, is embracing an unexpectedly large tax cut of up to $300 billion. Obama said the country faces an "extraordinary economic challenge." Besides $500 tax cuts for most workers and $1,000 for couples, the Obama proposal includes more than $100 billion for businesses, an Obama transition official said. The total value of the tax cuts would be significantly higher than had been signaled earlier

A grand total of $300 Billion in cuts and the New York Times nails it:

Bush Now Says Big 3 Auto Can Get Some of the $700 Billion Bail out money

Now why could through all of that hell, have the Senate crush hope, only to turn around and say the Big 3 U.S. auto manufacturers can get some of the bail out money already approved?

The Bush administration dropped its opposition to using the $700 billion bank bailout fund to provide financing for U.S. automakers after the Senate yesterday failed to approve emergency loans

Cult of Corruption in Federal Agency that Manages Energy on Public Lands

I believe the management we were under was showing favoritism to the oil industry

From CNN, the Minerals Management Service, part of the Department of the Interior, is a cult of corruption. This agency manages oil, gas, minerals on federal lands.

A report, conducted by the Interior Department's inspector general and released earlier this month, found that employees at the agency received improper gifts from energy industry officials and engaged with them in illegal drug use and inappropriate sexual relations. It looked at activities at the agency from 2003 through 2006

A whistle blower lost his job and was told to not investigate why Shell Oil had raised its oil transportation costs in their contract with the Government.