Bloomberg "Sue the Fed" FOIA Reporter has died

Looks like we have lost one of our financial truth seekers. Mark Pittman, only 52, died yesterday. He had a history of heart problems.

Mark Pittman, the award-winning investigative reporter whose fight to open the Federal Reserve to more scrutiny led Bloomberg News to sue the central bank and win,

This is a true bummer for it appears Pittman was the cause of Bloomberg getting a spine by suing the Federal Reserve to find out what happened to $2 trillion dollars.

A former police-beat reporter who joined Bloomberg News in 1997, Pittman wrote stories in 2007 predicting the collapse of the banking system. That year, he won the Gerald Loeb Award from the UCLA Anderson School of Management, the highest accolade in financial journalism, for “Wall Street’s Faustian Bargain,” a series of articles on the breakdown of the U.S. mortgage industry.