Indian offshorers want to offshore outsource U.S. Government contracts & more American jobs

From an obscure newsletter on Emerging Markets comes this report:

Infosys and Wipro Set Up Units to Bag Government IT Outsourcing Contracts


Infosys Technology and Wipro Technologies, two of the most prominent Indian IT firms, are setting up centers to tap growing opportunities in the USD 100 billion government IT outsourcing market. Both the companies have not only started investing in marketing campaigns to attract more clients globally, but have also began recruiting consultants and experts from government companies for placing them in the markets of India, the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

Slice 'n Dice HP Wields the Axe Again - 24,600 Fired - 12,300 in the United States

workers on a chopping block
HP wields the axe once again and fires 24,600 employees and at least half, or 12,600 will come from the United States.

Ah, now we know HP lobbies heavily for guest worker Visas, claiming they just cannot find workers in the United States. Let's repeat, just in this latest round of workers to the chopping block, HP is firing 12,600.

The Programmer's Guild notes they are also busy sponsoring green cards for workers, while firing 12,600 in the United States.