outrage du jour

Good for Him?

A Jet Blue flight attendant, lost it, cussed out the plane and slid down the emergency shoot.

On Monday, on the tarmac at Kennedy International Airport, a JetBlue attendant named Steven Slater decided he had had enough, the authorities said.

Outrage Du Jour - Double Digit Health Insurance premium increases

Here comes even more lovely news. HHS is warning, nationwide individuals trying to keep health insurance are going to be hit with double digit premium increases.

People buying their own insurance in at least six states have been facing pressure from insurers to raise rates by as much 56 percent, the report said. Officials said the problem is likely to be more widespread, but data from individual insurers in different states is difficult to obtain.
.[Corporate written Health care bill promo propaganda snipped out from the article]

Outrage Du Jour - Oregon, California, Maine, Kansas Individual Health Insurance Premium Gouge

While all of the news is abuzz on California BlueCross Anaheim trying to jack individuals on a 39% insurance premium increase, guess what, other states are doing it too!

Even worse, the main stream press even covering these rate increases, which somehow are rubber stamped approved by state regulatory boards, are quoting low ball rate increases. Case in point is Oregon where it's quoted to be a 14.2% increase generally in the press.

Outrage Du Jour - Sallie Mae Lobbies Against Student Loan Reform

The Outrage Du Jour is Sallie Mae spent $4 million dollars, U.S. taxpayer dollars to lobby against student loan reform.

This call out is coming from the White House and what a right on target to choose.

Sallie Mae had launched an intense lobbying effort to push the Senate's hand, including "sit-downs with lawmakers, town-hall-style meetings and petition drives to plead their case and stay in business." Over the past year, the company spent more than $4 million lobbying Congress, a review of campaign finance records showed. That was the equivalent of $25,000 for every day Congress was in session.

U.S. Education Secretary Duncan: