Sallie Mae

Outrage Du Jour - Sallie Mae Lobbies Against Student Loan Reform

The Outrage Du Jour is Sallie Mae spent $4 million dollars, U.S. taxpayer dollars to lobby against student loan reform.

This call out is coming from the White House and what a right on target to choose.

Sallie Mae had launched an intense lobbying effort to push the Senate's hand, including "sit-downs with lawmakers, town-hall-style meetings and petition drives to plead their case and stay in business." Over the past year, the company spent more than $4 million lobbying Congress, a review of campaign finance records showed. That was the equivalent of $25,000 for every day Congress was in session.

U.S. Education Secretary Duncan:

Student Loan Bill Passes House - Private, "for profit" cut out

No more feeding off of desperate students. That's what the House said today in passing H.R.3221, the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009. In a huge screw you predatory lenders, from now on the government will be the sole provider of guaranteed student loans.

This is great news for students and should increase access to higher education, hopefully for older students as well.

Such House action is especially welcome since student debt increased 25% in just one year.

The Wall Street Journal:

Under the legislation, all lenders would be cut out of the market for originating loans. There would still be a role for private banks and lenders to bid for a limited number of contracts to service the loans after they are made by the government.

Sallie Mae Brings Back 2,000 offshore outsourced jobs back to the U.S.

This is a piece of good news:

Sallie Mae said Monday that it will bring 2,000 jobs to the U.S. within the next 18 months as it shifts call center and other operations from overseas.

Sallie Mae even acknowledges that Americans need those jobs.

For all looking, they are in Reston, Virginia and these positions are call center, I.T. and I.T. support type jobs.