April -- H-1B -- Fools

April -- H-1B -- Fools

The law of supply and demand still works!

The National Science Foundation has published a document entitled, "Science and Engineering Indicators 2008." One very interesting point for 2006, was that computer-related H-1B workers with a Bachelor’s degree, earned on average, $400.00 more per year than those with a Master’s degree.

2006, was the first year of the 20,000 visa H-1B exception for postgraduates of American colleges. The media made a big fuss about the base 65,000 visa running out quickly in 2006 and 2007. I suspect that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce had to do some arm-twisting to get the 20,000 postgraduate cap exhausted.


Stuart Anderson's, National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP) study of unfilled positions is being quoted as a reason to raise the H-1B caps. I took the liberty of looking at the size of each company in the NFAP, "30 U.S. Companies With Most Job Openings For Skilled Positions."

The unfilled positions rate for these companies as a group is 2.27%. The Unemployment rate for college graduates in Dec. 2007 was 2.2%. These purported 53,000 jobs were more than offset by 972,000 unemployed college graduates.

Is it somehow the responsibility of the U.S. Government to ensure that corporations experience a 0% vacancy rate?

Pop over and read the blogpost -- about 3 pages with exhibits and references.




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yes, the spin from these people keeps on coming. That NFAP study is truly a work of fiction and the statistics are pure make believe.

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