Bankruptcies at 5 year high

The Great Recession keeps on churning.

There were 422,061 bankruptcy filings between April and June, according to the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, up 9 percent from 388,148 in the prior three-month period, and up 11 percent from 381,073 a year earlier.
For the year ended June 30, there were 1.57 million bankruptcies, up 20 percent from 1.31 million a year earlier. Consumer bankruptcies rose 21 percent to 1.51 million, and business bankruptcies rose 9 percent to 59,608.
Quarterly filings surpassed 400,000 for the first time since a record 667,431 bankruptcies were begun in the fourth quarter of 2005, when Congress overhauled federal bankruptcy laws and made it harder for people and businesses to file.

Making it harder to file bankruptcy doesn't make that much difference when the people have no other choice.

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that's what I was thinking, the new law makes it much harder

and some just let everything go to a charge off, don't declare bankruptcy, depending, so that's an amazing (although not because of the job situation), number.

What's the percentage that declared bankruptcy due to medical bills? In the past that's been 50%.