China Becomes #1 Energy Consumer

China just became the largest energy consumer, another sign China is well on their way to surpassing the United States. The Wall Street Journal:

China is now the world's biggest energy consumer, knocking the U.S. off a perch it held for more than a century, according to new data from the International Energy Agency.

The Paris-based agency, whose forecasts are generally regarded as bellwether indicators for the energy industry, said China devoured 2,252 million tons of oil equivalent last year, or about 4% more than the U.S., which burned through 2,170 million tons of oil equivalent. The oil-equivalent metric represents all forms of energy consumed, including crude oil, nuclear, coal, natural gas and renewable sources such as hydropower.

One might think that's great the U.S. is using less energy than China, but it's not. Industrial enterprise and manufacturing are the biggest consumers of energy and this reflects, once again, on how China has captured U.S. manufacturing ...and jobs.

China also uses the most coal, which makes China the largest polluter of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases. It also makes China the target of multinational corporations as the place for growth. That's not the U.S., which sorely needs investment and's China. Many of these corporations originate in the U.S....who are investing in....China.

Recall China's Quest for Oil as they quietly try to capture the global oil market. Those who control the oil control the world. We might also add those who manufacture, control the global economy.

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