China Exports Plunge

Myself I'm cheering. Chinese exports plunge 25.7 percent in February:

Exports in February dropped 25.7 percent from a year earlier, compared to a forecast of a 5 percent decline. Imports fell 24.1 percent, against a forecast of a 25.0 percent drop.

The country's trade surplus shriveled to $4.84 billion last month, a three-year low, from $39.1 billion in January. Economists had expected a surplus of $27.3 billion.

I don't know what this means in terms of China continually buying U.S. debt but at least American has reduced it's massive consumption of Chinese goods.

Note that 20 million have lost their jobs. Because China's population is so massive, look at how much they must export in order to employ their people. That said, anyone who has information on China's own domestic economy, their own consumer economy, please post.

We sure know the United States has that!

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Deflation problem in China


I've been importing garbage from China for the last 5 years. And what my experience tells me is that we (Importers) have dug our own grave and we have helped our countries to become full of toxic crap (literally) and full of toxic money. We failed to tell the truth to our fellow citizens. We saw easy money to be made and forgot that we had to protect ourselves and preserve our own economic biases. Please, he who does not have a Chinese useless piece of crap at home or in his car, raise the left arm.
Oh! I do not see any one. That's your answer... part of the money you had, had gone there. Then I borrowed it from my bank and my bank borrowed it from THERE.
Now they have to try purchase their own crap because we have no money to do it, but they fail.