Dem State Governors Want $1 Trillion in Aid

I remember when the Iraq war price tag, then $1 trillion made peoples eyes bug out.

Now we see almost every day, yet another trillion dollars is needed.

Here is the latest: Governors Seek $1 Trillion in Federal Aid Over 2 Years:

The money would finance schools, public works projects, social services and tax cuts for the middle class, according to an economic stimulus plan presented by the governors.

Gov. Deval L. Patrick of Massachusetts said, “We’re really talking about a bridge from where we are today to where we think the economy will be in two years’ time.” He spoke during a conference call in which he was joined by Mr. Paterson and the governors of New Jersey, Ohio and Wisconsin. All five men are Democrats.

Meanwhile we have illegal immigrants living in public housing. That dime is on you. Maybe the TARP would consider funding this. Oops, probably not, that money is only going to executives.

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