Do not Give IBM Stimulus Contracts

Do we really want our Stimulus money, U.S. taxpayer money going to India? Well, if they let IBM get at it we assuredly will.

As the economy continues to reel from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression and jobless claims amass in droves, creating jobs for American workers has become a focal point of American recovery. As the stimulus money is being doled out, one notorious outsourcer has developed a media campaign to get stimulus money for smart grid technologies.

IBM announced that is planning to seek a portion of the $2.5 billion that was set aside to stimulate broadband rollouts for rural America. Smart grid systems deliver electricity from suppliers to consumers using digital technology to save energy and cost. This electricity network is being promoted by numerous governments as a way to address energy independence and global warming.

Yup, IBM is so busy firing U.S. workers they literally told laid off workers to offshore outsource themselves.

IBM has been labor arbitraging workers, moving as fast as they can jobs, technologies offshore and when they cannot do that, bringing in foreign guest workers.

Time and time again, IBM has been given state and local tax incentives to create jobs. IBM never actually creates more jobs. They simply take the government money and continue to offshore outsource.

Truth is IBM is a Benedict Arnold company and they should not get a dime of that Stimulus as a result.

Don't believe it, contact Alliance@IBM, a union affiliated with the AFL-CIO and find out IBM's track record with taking U.S. taxpayer dollars all the while offshore outsourcing their job.

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IBM - Tulsa

All this while our leader (Sam P) annouced that IBM has record earnings and the executives are getting raises and bonus. Today we have been given the choice of a 10% pay cut or out the door. Sam has proven that he has lied directly to Obama and on CNBC.

Say no to IBM and stimulus money!!!

I can't understand how IBM could justify spending US taxpayer money by offshoring jobs. The stimulus money should be used to create and/or keep US jobs.

Stop Doing Business with IBM

Please stop and look at how IBM is hurting hard working American families by firing or force retiring or RA what ever the big fat fellow is calling it. At a time when we need jobs most either technical or non techical skilled or unskilled (they hired them so why fire them when they are making almost a living wage)These hard working people that have little education in some cases have helped that company grow by leaps and bounds now when unemployment is high they send their jobs to india that is cruel and discusting. I hope those of you who have a family member or friend or neighbor whos job has been shipped to india spreads the word around and not do business with IBM and help those poor laidoff employees get the CEO of IBM fired for treason in a time when these people needed their jobs most. I know of a family who are going to lose their home from this recent job shift to india and they worked for IBM for 20 years and just made about 50 thousand dollars that now they have to find jobs in the worst economy. This company is all about executive bonuses and retirement pay. If our leaders let this happen then they are really not leading us at all. If nothing gets done show your support at election time or join everyone else on unemployment and see if that get some attention. as the article is titled STOP DOING BUSINESS WITH IBM. Make a start in giving back the power to the people by not allowing American based companies to do what IBM is doing.
It will definitly help our economy rebound and help our children know they will have a chance at the American Dream.
with that said it ALL UP TO YOU.