Do you think we have hit the bottom of this recession?


Economic crisis - mulitifaceted destruction

The recession hasn't really begun, let alone being over. Petroleum based 1st world economies without domestic reserves are going to be at the mercies of the oil producing nations. This will destabilize any "recoveries" as they begin. This will lead us to see a continuing cycle of growth and failure as rising energy prices collapse demand.

Add the above to a system with unstable, unregulated banks,insurance and financial industries and a collapsing housing bubble, wholesale unemployment and an aging demographic and we have the recipe for perfect disaster.

Our only hope is replacing our petroleum based economy with a more stable locally based economy utilizing agricultural & technology based solutions such as hemp to replace petrochemicals and solar/wind/tidal to replace petroenergy.

All of these changes will be opposed by the powerful industries that have financial interests in maintaining the status quo. If we cannot change our economy, it is destined to die and many of us with it. As people realize this fact, violence and confrontations will increase, causing the state to clamp down on civil rights and America will become an overt police state rather than the hidden police state we currently inhabit.

The future is uncertain and full of massive changes, the only thing certain is that the pre-bubble world can never be resurrected.

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