Fed to loan $540 billion to money market mutual funds

These numbers are so astounding I think the country has become numb. Fed to Provide Up to $540 Billion to Aid Money Funds:

The Federal Reserve will provide up to $540 billion in loans to help relieve pressure on money- market mutual funds beset by redemptions.

``Short-term debt markets have been under considerable strain in recent weeks'' as it got tougher for funds to meet withdrawal requests, the Fed said in a statement in Washington. About $500 billion has flowed out of prime money-market funds since August, a Fed official said

$540 Billion dollars. Let's just repeat that $540 billion dollars.

Where are we now in the national debt, the deficit? I think we're going for $3 trillion real fast here.

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Try $9 trillion

$3 trillion is merely the amount we're going to spend rescuing the banks from their own stupidity.

Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.