Gun Fight at OK Corral - Former Bank of England Policy Maker Slams Fed in Jackson Hole meeting

There is a Federal Reserve symposium in Jackson Hole and one, slammed the Fed.

The Fed listens to Wall Street and believes what it hears,'' Buiter said yesterday in a paper presented to the Fed's conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. ``This distortion into a partial and often highly distorted perception of reality is unhealthy and dangerous.

The Bank of Israel Governor was considering putting the hose on 'em, the debate is so fierce.

He is saying the Fed catered to banks and is causing inflation.

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Do Bears sleep in the woods?

"He is saying the Fed catered to banks and is causing inflation."

Boy if there was ever a more Mr Obvious statement than that

Not only is the fed causing inflation, but they also are causing bubble after bubble with their Greedspanite over-reliance on artificially low interest and too easy credit

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