Here Come the Lobbyists to the Stimulus Bill

Right on time. It's bad enough one cannot get policy firmly planted in economic reality through Congress but after they pass something, oh boy, that's when the real fun starts.

In this article:

The conference will be an inviting target to lobbyists. Housing advocates are lobbying conferees to add additional funds for communities to buy and rehabilitate foreclosed properties.

In trying to get in even a symbolic gesture that just maybe U.S. taxpayer dollars should go to hiring U.S. workers, we have these million dollar paid for hit men:

Business groups and immigration advocates hope to remove a controversial provision from the Senate's economic stimulus bill that would restrict companies receiving federal bailout funds from hiring highly skilled foreign workers

Believe me, the only thing controversial here is that corporate lobbyists with their blood sucking slave trader immigration attorneys are throwing temper tantrums simply because they couldn't stop this amendment in the first place.

But oh yes, anything that hires U.S. workers, you can bet these corporations will spend millions to stop.

Damn the fact the United States is hemorrhaging jobs.....wouldn't it be nice if one day corporations laid off the lobbyists instead of the workers who actually make things?

You know that huge controversy (notice how so many things are controversial when a corporation wants something?) called the fence along the border. Well, Boeing is targeted to get even more money for a virtual fence....billions and billions on technology not proven to work, yet a good old fashioned fence, technology around for centuries is just so's evil because it will not award Boeing billions and it might actually work.

The list goes on and on....

Expect more corporate lobbyists crafting the actual bill that is signed...

the American people? oh yeah, aren't they just for messaging and getting them on board?

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Bad Week for American Workers

This new op-ed explains some of the anti-labor things going on in the stimulus bill: