IBM Lobbying in Press for Smart Grid Stimulus

I've been watching IBM on their media barrage trying to get Stimulus money for Smart Grid Technologies.

Don't Give it to Them.

Why would I come out so strongly against IBM as well as G.E. to get government money for a smart grid power distribution system?

It's really simple. IBM offshore outsources and displaces U.S. workers. Also, they seem to be going down hill on efficient and effective project deployment.

Alliance@IBM AFL-CIO affiliated union will tell you all about IBM's labor arbitrage practices. IBM even told U.S. workers to offshore outsource themselves.

Think IBM will create jobs if you give them state tax incentives? Think again. Over and over again IBM takes tax incentives to create local jobs and then never actually does it.

It was just over six months ago, on July 15, 2008, that New York State governor David Paterson announced that IBM would be the recipient of some $140 million in tax incentives. In return, the company pledged to create 1,000 additional jobs without the state and retain at least 1,400 jobs at the East Fishkill facility in Dutchess County.

The same is true with General Electric. Nope, if we want the industries to create the jobs of tomorrow, we must give Federal contracts to corporations that use and train the U.S. workers of today.

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The trick would be

To give them their smart grid- then restrict all money spent to domestic-only companies. If you've got a branch office in another country, you're SOL on the contract.

Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.

Not cool

Letting US workers go so they can be replaced by Offshore workers is bad enough, but to do it while asking for stimulus money is an insult to every US tax payer!

Let IBM and the US government know you are against US tax payer money going to create jobs offshore!