Income Inequality Grows in Most Countries

So, it's not just the United States, Income Inequality has grown the most in most countries since the 1980's.

The gap between rich and poor increased in three-quarters of countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development over the last two decades, the group said in a report today

The OECD has a new report, Growing Inequal

Seems social mobility is also frozen and the few countries where economic equality has improved are France, Greece and Spain. The United States income inequality gap has grown exceedingly.

The report points out that many countries have increased spending and taxation to provide social benefits, nothing about on a global scale work, wages are being arbitraged through trade. Then they say the best way to cure poverty is to provide people with jobs that have decent wages. Yup, amazing how that works?

So much for that great sell job on how globalization will raise all boats. Sure seems they are sinking most and having the survivors work in the yacht galleys instead.

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I'm wondering

With BIS saying that the world banks are over leveraged with respect to production by a ratio of 10x the derivatives to actual world production, how much of this gap is actually "real wealth", as opposed to "debt chimera"?

Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.