Industrial Production & Capacity Utilization for November 2009

Industrial Production has increased 0.8% from last month. Manufacturing increased 1.1% with gains in both durables and non-durable goods. This is good news. Mines (think about the price of commodities recently), increased 2.1% from last month. Utilities decreased -1.8%, blamed on mild temperatures.

Here is the graph of industrial production since the official start of this recession, the index is now at 2002 levels:

Capacity Utilization increased 0.7% from October. Below is a graph of manufacturing capacity utilization. While clearly in an upward trend for this recession, the top trend line average, over the years, could possibly be labeled We went to China and other cheap labor markets, see ya. Notice the top points, and mentally draw a line through them. One can see the long term structural downward slope. Also notice manufacturing capacity is below the 1980's recession.

The complete Federal Reserve report for November 2009 is attached to this post.

Durable Goods as well as non-durable goods are in the below graphs. The higher these indices are, the more probability the U.S. just might create some jobs. Appliances, carpets and autos all increased.


Nondurable consumer goods flat lined this month, but that's due to energy being down, which considering energy's impact on imports from trade, isn't such a bad thing in some regards.


Below are manufacturing Durable and Non-Durable Goods. Long way to go, but the trend lines are positive signs.



Construction Supplies also reversed last months -1.5% drop with a 1.6% increase. It's still down 12.6% for the year and one must wonder if that has anything to do with Stimulus projects (unknown it's affects at this moment).


Released yesterday is the Q3 2009 Manufacturing, Mining, Wholesale Financial Report, again, attached to this post.

Manufacturing after-tax profits for Q3 were $88.5 Billion, up $36.4 billion from Q2 2009, but down $29.3 billion from Q3 2008.

manufacturing profits Q3 2009

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