Layoff Trackers

This announcement of 4,000 more layoffs at American Express made me think about layoff trackers.

I found a few and am listing them here.

Forbes Fortune 500 layoff tracker

Techcrunch has technical layoffs.

We have a layoff tracker blog.

Another is here.

A site devoted to layoff and employer stories, Telonu.

Slate has an interactive map of the job losses.

When you see this you will realize unemployment is at crisis levels.

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Another "a little bit late"

I've been saying this for four months, that we're at crisis levels.

I suspect Trapdoor Day will end up one of two ways: the stimulus money will be spent wisely and it will be no big deal, or it will be the final straw pushing us into wage/price deflationary spiral.

Executive compensation is inversely proportional to morality and ethics.

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Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.