News today - They are Lying to Us or father to son....I remember when

Son I remember the year and time that our President told us a stimulus package had to be passed. That without the stimulus package everything would collapse, unemployment would go above 8 percent and our economy would collapse. The package was going to create many, many new jobs. Yes son, I remember those days.

But dad, unemployment is almost 10 percent and the stimulus package was passed. Dad, didn't Goldman get a big, bailout and now they are giving almost one thousand new million dollar bonuses. Dad they are saying that another stimulus package is needed and are going to pass it. Dad is borrowing from China good for me. Dad I remember our President said the economy had turned a corner. Dad are Green Shoots sprouting in our back yard?

Son, this is hard for me to tell you but government lies to us. Even if it is bad for the country, our elected officials will do and say things so they get elected. Son they will promise you free things but they don't tell you they took that money from uncle Bill to give you a free dream. Son, they want you to be dependent on them, that way they can control you by threatening to take away your free items. Son do you know the term Statesman? Well, it is something that is very, very rare in Washington DC.

Yes my son, they will lie to you and that is a fact of life. They will say and do things that would put you and I in jail.