Obama Gives USINPAC Lobbyists Yet another Official - CTO "Virginia is for Outsourcing" Chopra

Just unbelievable. Obama has appointed a CTO, Aneesh Chopra

who was pushed for by USINPAC!

If one doesn't know, this group, using Indians with U.S. citizenship, lobbies heavily to offshore outsource your job and also obtain guest worker Visas to displace U.S. workers.

Governor-Elect Tim Kaine of Virginia has appointed Mr. Aneesh Chopra, a leader of the Indian American community and an active member of the USINPAC Leadership Committee, as the first Indian American Secretary of Technology for the Commonwealth of Virginia. USINPAC congratulates Mr. Chopra on his appointment.

He literally is involved with Duke University global labor arbitrage agenda and offshore outsourcing promotion project. As the Virginia CTO, Chopra oversaw the offshore outsourcing of Virginia's government inforamtion technology.

The Virginia government became so notorious for labor arbitrage, displacing U.S. citizens with offshore outsourcing contracts, articles were written, Virginia is for Offshore Outsourcing.

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Where is the Diversity

Two of his appointees are of Indian Descent. It may not be politically correct after all they are both U.S. Citizens, but I still feel this is a slap in the face for Americans unemployed because of the H1b Program (mostly Indians) and jobs that were outsourced to India. Can't Obama find an American (Caucasian, Latino, Asian, African American), so there will be diversity? Maybe Obama believes the hype that Indians are better than the rest of us.

What I am implying here

Is Obama believes the USINPAC, with all of it's money, representing the business interests of a foreign nation....
is more important than Americans.

In terms of the individuals, in all seriousness, Why is a guy with impeccable public policy credentials (Chopra)...

doing in a CTO position without any engineering degree?

Then, why did they not fire Kundra? The guy literally had fraud happening 100 feet away from his office door, under his management. He's supposed to modernize procurement with that kind of track record? I don't think so!

India, Inc is monopoly in American I.T. Sector

India, Inc open sweatshops on American soil and import H1B I.T. slaves and bribe American politicians. Here is a horror story:

Not so good things About US Software corporation : Training is so bad, trainer will do really well in basic session classes(about 2 classes) then after that every thing is really bad, will not complete training. Will compell to include fake experiene(5-6 ys min), will say no body need freshers. Marketing sucks, those persons and the owner don't have any idea of real IT field. they will always say, read books and study from internet. I don't think a real IT person wil say to read and study after putting 5-6 yrs of fake experience. Another fun is accomodation. When I was in their guest house, I saw atleast 10-12 people in a 2 bed apt, and among them 2 were girls,most are their H1 consultants. Don't ever be trapped. Owner is abig time cheater, never keep his words, don't know the value of education, will do anything for money, really greedy

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Nailed it

This is what's happening to the IT industry.

We all have our stories to

We all have our stories to tell, don't we?;-) This said, it's important not to overgeneralize about all Indians.


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Yes, the ethnicity thing versus the American thing is really heating up and that's because we have organizations like the USINPAC, obviously based on ethnicity and pushing for a foreign nation's business interests by using those of that ethnicity with U.S. citizenship.

Then we have things like univision, "Spanish" channel really putting the spin on their broadcast pushing again...business, economic interests based on an ethnic group.

Plus we have organizations like immigration voice writing pure hate speech, I'm serious, on the level of the 1950's KKK style hate speech....against all Americans.

So, in response we are getting those jumping on...all Indians..

which is ridiculous because there are many Americans of Indian ethnicity who are activists on US labor issues, even wrote some of the reform legislation that never gets passed......

and of course they are because they are getting labor arbitraged the same as any other American professional.

I've been watching all of this horrified....thinking, oh man, this is simply not what America is all about....we're going backwards and perverting the entire concept of equality, domestic diversity, social mobility by all of this.

There likely are what amount

There likely are what amount to organized I.T. labor "gangs" operating out of India. But I personally do not have much experience with them. I do know that companies like Cisco have been virtually coopted by what could be characterized as nepotism (and to be sure it's a form of reverse discrimination). But I'm reluctant to characterize all Indian I.T. workers as being "conspiratorial."