October Unemployment #s out: That 70s Show

BLS has released the October numbers for state level unemployment, and they are up, up, and away. We have a new low, or rather that is high, in Michigan and Rhode Island unemployment topping 9%, with both at 9.3%.



Unemployment increased in Oregon by 0.9% over September. Alaska and South Carolina saw 0.7% jumps, Michigan, Georgia, Delaware, and Washington 0.6% jumps. Arkansas, California, Colorado, Rhode Island, and Texas all jumped by a half percent.

And these are the prelimary numbers for October. The September numbers were bumped up before they were made official, and this doesn't have any of the layoffs that happened in November. It doesn't look like its going to be a very happy Christmas this year.

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1982 levels

employment climbs to 1982 levels to boot.

Boy Michigan just has a bulls eye on it's back, South Carolina too.

In South Carolina it's manufacturing losses that is the biggest.

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