Offshore Outsourcing Firms, Microsoft Top the List for H-1B Foreign Guest Worker Visas

We have the new data for 2008 on H-1B. Computer World has published a searchable list of the top users of H-1B guest worker Visas.

Microsoft Corp. was the top U.S.-based recipient of H-1B visas in 2008, receiving approval for 1,037 visas, slightly more than in 2007. But the largest users of the program remain the major Indian offshore IT services firms -- and their use of H-1Bs appears to be increasing, according to government data.

The importance of the H-1B visa program to India-based outsourcers is clear from the fiscal 2008 approval list compiled by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). That fiscal year ended Sept. 30.

They have a searchable list.

Note how many of our universities are using these. So much for supporting the nation, U.S. workers, even when receiving billions in federal and state funds!

Note also public schools. Who believes anywhere we have a shortage of teachers in this country or the talent and resources to teach our children?

Notice Satyam who has the level of fraud bigger than Enron is third.

Bear in mind this doesn't completely show who are the worst culprits for labor arbitraging U.S. citizens for companies like IBM just offshore outsource directly. Why? Uh, it's a little cheaper.

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questions on university use of guest worker visas

Do the visas used by universities count against the 85,000 per year cap?

Or are universities exempted from the cap - thus permitting them to hire an unlimited number of foreign guest workers?

Are universities using federal funding to hire guest workers?

University H-1Bs are all exempt

Universities, hospitals and some other non-profits are completely exempt from the 65K base and 20K US Masters candidates caps. Which doesn't make any difference, anyhow, as in many years, the DOL just keeps giving them out, whether they have blown through the cap or not.

universities, non-profits are exempt

They do not count against the 85,000 cap and can get an unlimited number of H-1B Visas. Odds are they are. the NIH, NSF and others fund large research projects which are federal funds. They give grants to various researchers for papers, experiments, investigations, research.

The key issue here is to realize there is a difference between finding speciality expertise vs. labor arbitrage and the spot light on higher education doing this these, not putting top priority on U.S. citizens first for education, opportunity, all of these issues has not been thoroughly investigated. There are a lot of reports that imply universities are doing this and we have heard of universities firing researchers, personnel working at these institutions and replacing them with cheaper H-1Bs. But I am just as sure there are some PhD level researchers who have talent, skills, background that are unique. (which is the claimed intent of the program).

Unlimited guest workers for universities and non-profits

Then I think most people are unaware that universities and non-profits get an UNLIMITED number of H1-Bs and need to be educated as such.

In fact, I think I've heard universities arguing that the H1-B cap should be raised - which makes no sense since they are not affected by it.

Also, there already exist an UNLIMITED number of visas for Workers With Extraordinary Capability, which fills the need for the ultra talented and special gifted at the PhD level. With this visa, there is no need for the H-1B visa which is usually used for workers with average capability.

Why do Universities and Non-Profits Need H1b

They are funded by the State like California. There are so many unemployed highly skilled Americans. The Non-Profits
that hire h1bs should be published so it will be known when they ask for charity donations.

If we can just stop universities and non-profits will make a big dent in the H1b program.

The reason for Universities getting a free pass

Goes back to the end of WWII, with the big grab between the US and Russia over German Rocket Engineers.

Our one place we still have some global competiveness, according to the "spiky world map" is in R&D- and universities feed that research. We need to be able to attract "top talent".

What I'd like to see though is absolute proof that those visas are going to top talent. I think to get a university H-1b Visa, one should, at minimum, be a patent holder.
Moral hazards would not exist in a system designed to eliminate fraud.

Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.