Profit of Doom predicts US Hyperinflation

Wow, let's discussion financial armageddon with this recent commentary.

Veteran gold bug Ruff says financial world could collapse

Ruff says that he has recently decided that this time around the U.S will experience hyperinflation ("400 percent inflation or more") rather than "a rush of brains to the head, like Paul Volcker and Ronald Reagan did in 1980" and a halt to monetary expansion, "ending inflation and the gold and silver bull market, for at least a few years."
He writes: "I spent the '70s fending off the media label of "Prophet of Doom," arguing that I expected much less than doom. It turned out to be so.
"With my new book in circulation, I'll face the same accusations, and this time they are right. The financial world we know and love is facing genuine doom. You could lose the value of all your assets in the stock market. You could find yourself unable to buy essential commodities, when you want them, and gold and silver will be valued, not in the tens or hundreds of dollars per ounce, but in the thousands!"

The article mentions Shadow Government Statistics, which actually is something we need to check out.

I've fairly certain most readers here are aware of the elements left out in government stats these days.

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