Senate goes on vacation; leaves unemployed to rot

In the Senate's rush to get home for a two week vacation they left one piece of business unfinished.

For the last few weeks 15 million or more unemployed Americans along with some of the Democratic Senators have been working diligently to get the Tax Extenders bill passed by the end of the month. Senator Harry Reid, the Senate Majority leader, has even went as far as to make threatening statements about not recessing for the holiday unless this bill was passed. I am sorry to report that the Senator has recessed the present session for the two week holiday without taking the issue into hand.

What this means is that long-term unemployed people will stop being eligible for extensions once their current extension expires. The impact of this will be immediate.

But now with the Senate on recess and not back until June 7th, basically nothing more can happen until then at the earliest. And by mid-June, we're already going to have seen 300,000 people run out of unemployment benefits.

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Those who have already exhausted all 99 weeks of unemployment are out of luck either way. House Speaker Pelosi has ruled out the idea of adding a Tier Five for unemployment.

The Senate bill had already passed the House.

What's more, federal subsidies for the COBRA extension was also dropped from the current bill in the House. For a political party that made such an effort to pass health care reform, this is quite a reversal that will force tens of thousands to drop their health insurance.

However, on the very same day, Congress managed to pass a $485 million bill for a fighter jet engine that the military doesn't even want.

The unemployed can go f*ck themselves, because they take a back seat to military pork spending.

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speaking of left to rot

I've got something here which is the sole proprietorship, the self-employed, the very small businesses. They have been left to rot from day one and there is no COBRA, no unemployment insurance and even getting paid, there are reports 83% of freelancers get stiffed. i.e. getting away with murder and more and more people are 1099-misc. in services from cleaning toilets to high end consulting.

That's over 2 years with nothing as a backup.

Also, did you see what they did pass? It was all kickbacks special favors and they claimed it was "Stimulus".

Who else is at their wits end here with these people?

Left to Rot

This doesn't surprize me in the least,they have more pressing issue's with going home for photo opp's and telling the people they are working hard for the common man and blaming each other for their failing's.Nazi Pelosi ruling out a tier five will be the nail in the coffin for thousand's more forclosures,we haven't seen how bad it's going to be yet.Let's see what they don't do when they come back.


She laughed about us ya know. Pelosi I mean. The mouth piece for our President (famous history making prez). I'm so mad now I can't see straight. How dare she. Show's how concerned our government is for us. Wish they were as concerned about us as they were about Greece when they bailed them out. I guess our Government thinks we are above up-rising on this issue. Hey, we are desperate with NOTHING TO LOSE ANYMORE. We have to do something with actions now. Words are not being heard or taken seriously.

Left to Rot

It would be VERY interseting to know if any of these yoyos have even gone without a meal, lay awake at night wondering if they will have a home in a week, or if the job WILL EVER come!!! How dare Pelosi laugh.. she is well dressed, manicured (couldn't see her feet but probably had a pedicure too) and she sure as heck hasn't missed a hair appointment in a while! Why doesn't she just say "Screw You" and get it over with?

Left to rot - they want us to just kill ourselves, don't they?

This government is like some sadistic torturer who plays with his victim until the person kills themselves to just end the suffering. I am convinced this is what the government wants. Doesn't it all seem like a calculated effort to get the impoverished and disenfranchised to just murder themselves? That way, the problem will be solved. No jobs? No problem, we'll just drive all these folks insane with false hope and false promises. Then once they mass suicide like the farmers in India, we'll act real sad and then say what a tragedy. See, those nutjobs weren't looking for work anyway. Not only a government which ignores it's citizens' plight while it scoots off for a vacation, the unemployed also get to deal with employers who shred resumes if submitted by someone unemployed. Asinine as it is, that's the kind of policy this government obviously condones. Why should the unemployed even bother continuing this farce? I hear if you can support yourself, Australia will take you. So I guess once I get that online porn website set up, I'm going. Join me?

employers who will not hire people needing a job

That is the most stupid, outrageous absurdity yet coming from these sociopathic "HR", blood sucking vampires. There are 25.8 million people out there and they are claiming because they need a job they somehow suck?

That should be made illegal, as discrimination and enforced by the EEOC.

While you're right our government refuses to address the real economic problems and their motivations are clearly bought and paid for, they will not do the right things needed to turn this country around and create jobs for Americans...

When I see some of the words suicide and so on in an anonymous drive by, my response is that only allows the bastards to win. when it's shitting bricks upon your head, it's not a good idea to join in the fray!

Be strong, keep speaking out and place the anger where it belongs, our bought and paid for corrupt government, representatives and our sociopathic corporations who would eat their own mother for a quick quarterly profit and an executive bonus.