Stimulating Border War

Explain this one. The Associated Press is reporting that the busiest border crossing is getting no funds whatsoever and yet some remote location with three crosses a day in Montana is getting $15 Million.

A sleepy Montana checkpoint along the Canadian border that sees about three travelers a day will get $15 million under President Barack Obama's economic stimulus plan. A government priority list ranked the project as marginal.

A checkpoint in Laredo, Texas, which serves more than 55,000 travelers and 4,200 trucks a day, is rated among the government's highest priorities but was passed over for stimulus money.

Guess who is not only playing political favors but also clearly could care less about actual border security...

Now what was that about our Southern border with violent gangs, kidnapping, human smuggling, drug trafficking, murder and mayhem?

It also looks like the Associated Press got a serious brush off when they tried to obtain statements from the Obama administration.

So much for transparency or more to the point, distributing Stimulus money to projects on the border which are well known to be gaping national security holes.

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Kudos to Journos

Funny. The story helped me step back to take a broad view. AP can put a mark on the wall for investigative reporting, no?

From Roads to Nowhere to Mosquito Abatement Districts, we are encumbered, indebted and sloppy. There's thousands of untold glitches in our budgets. Only a few can be blamed on policies begun a few months ago.

Calmed by blogs such as EconomicPopulist, I wonder if I would have the fortitude to endure a just and robust media! But I wait, and look forward every day. :-)