Students Get Into the Act - Want Fed to Not Give $$$ to Predatory Lenders

Ha, ha, ha, ha ha. What can I say. Students don't want the Treasury to give even more money to predatory student lenders. Imagine that.

Considering how the Treasury and the Fed already gave to every other predatory lender out there, especially the credit card companies, why should this be any different?

A bailout for the providers of usurious private student loans will not solve the college affordability crisis caused by the failing economy, and would actually be detrimental to many students and consumers," nine advocacy groups wrote in a letter sent last week to Treasury secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr., after he signaled that the department was developing the program. "However, if you continue to pursue any form of rescue for private student loans, it would be unconscionable to do so without also providing better consumer protections.

Considering how the rest of the money has gone to the banks, multinational corporations, foreign institutions and never the American people, while I cheer these groups on, seemingly any idea that doesn't take money out of American's pockets and give to this multinational ponzi scheme gets no attention and assuredly no action.

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