Sunday Morning Comics - Debtageddon Edition

Brought to you by Tax Cuts - This economic gallows humor collection is about the only thing you'll get, so be grateful proletariat!
Cup O' Joe


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Trickle Down Tales


Cartoonist: R.J. Matson


America's Credit Grating


Drunken Ben Bernanke Tells Everyone How Bad the Economy Really Is:

Claiming he wasn't afraid to let everyone in attendance know about "the real mess we're in," Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke reportedly got drunk Tuesday and told everyone at Elwood's Corner Tavern about how absolutely fucked the U.S. economy actually is.

Bernanke, who sources confirmed was "totally sloshed," arrived at the drinking establishment at approximately 5:30 p.m., ensconced himself upon a bar stool, and consumed several bottles of Miller High Life and a half-dozen shots of whiskey while loudly proclaiming to any patron who would listen that the economic outlook was "pretty goddamned awful if you want the God's honest truth."

"Look, they don't want anyone except for the Washington, D.C. bigwigs to know how bad shit really is," said Bernanke, slurring his words as he spoke. "Mounting debt exacerbated—and not relieved—by unchecked consumption, spiraling interest rates, and the grim realities of an inevitable worldwide energy crisis are projected to leave our entire economy in the shitter for, like, a generation, man, I'm telling you."

Cartoonist: R.J. Matson


The Word: SuperCongress


Cartoonist: Mike Keefe


What Happened When S&P Gave U.S. A Negative Outlook Rating


Cartoonist: Mike Luckovich


Thank You Tea Party for Destroying the Economy!


Cartoonist: Steve Sack


Mourning In America


Cartoonist: Mike Luckovich


Cut -n- Run