Sunday Morning Comics - Wall Street Firm Edition

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F**k the Fed


Cartoonist: R.J. Matson


The Onion reports Freakonomist Keeps Close Eye On GE Stock Versus Height Of Mexican Weightlifters." alt="" width="525" />
Cartoonist: Tom Toles


The New F***ing Citibank


Cartoonist: R.J. Matson


Dodd's Bill" alt="" width="525" />
Cartoonist: Joel Pett


Death of Print Media Affects Hoarders" alt="" width="525" />
Cartoonist: Joel Pett




Cartoonist: Steve Sack

ACLU Defends Nazis' Rights to Burn Down ACLU Headquarters




I put the Fed one because it's funny and well done. While I do not want Bernanke, agree with all on the Fed's behavior, secrecy and in league with the financial sector, there are a lot of great people, obviously working at the Fed and I use their graphs, databases, read their papers a lot. So, I don't want to imply I agree with that everyone is somehow bad news there.

Mark Fiore

Whose animated flash cartoons I've embedded many a time on this site, won a Pulitzer Prize. If you want to see some of them (beyond the economic ones I've pulled out for our Economic funnies), go to Mark Fiore. It seems some of the Tea Partiers are sending him death threats. I guess these people can't take a joke.