Trouble in the SEIU

Seems there is corruption and all sorts of internal problems going on in the SEIU, the labor union which split off from the AFL-CIO, led by Andy Stern.

The Service Employees International Union said that Rickman Jackson, who served as chief of staff at the Los Angeles organization, has taken a leave of absence from its biggest Michigan local less than a week after the president of the Los Angeles chapter relinquished his post.

Both departures followed reports in The Times that the local and a related charity paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to firms owned by the wife and mother-in-law of its president, Tyrone Freeman, and spent similar sums on a Four Seasons Resorts golf tournament, restaurants such as Morton's steakhouse, a Beverly Hills cigar lounge and a Hollywood talent agency


There also appears to be war with a health care workers local:

The LA Times also reports an escalation in Stern's drive to crush all opposition to his centralized authoritarian control of the union. Stern has announced plans to trustee the 150,000 member United Healthcare Workers West SEIU local, which has lead the democratic resistance inside SEIU

Considering the SEIU had no problems selling Professional workers down the river by endorsing comprehensive immigration reform, which was loaded with vehicles to target Professional careers for labor arbitrage, these events are not surprising.

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No surprise

The SEIU has been at war with the UHW and the California Nurses for a while. The SEIU model can be flawed, and anti-democratic. Here's an article on that.

I wrote on this almost 4 years ago.

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what is a surprise

Is the SEIU has already came out and endorsed the DeFazio Bill. I really don't like the SEIU because they have no problems through Professional workers, labor under the bus.

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