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I literally have no choice where I am, or it's a choice between special interests. People are screaming for action on China's currency manipulation, for a U.S. manufacturing policy, for the desperate need to do these now, including for macro economic reasons, GDP, jobs. Yet those very things which could turn the U.S. economy around, they are not even mentioned in this election cycle. I think most voted for Obama thinking he would take action on trade, manufacturing, jobs and instead we got a Wall Street bail out, the financial sector larger (63% of GDP now). Alternatively, Republicans and the tea party are even worse, down more bad trade deals, more offshore outsourcing and more wealth transfer from what's left of the U.S. middle class to the uber rich.

So, the choice seems to be which special interests do I want in power now, none of which have the U.S. national interests, working America's interests in mind.

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I couldn't agree more...

...there is literally no Party in this country that addresses this nation's gravest issues. The Republicans seem to be a party of wackos who buy into the multi-national corporate party line. The Democrats seem to be a party of milquetoast "do nothing" politicians who are afraid of their own shadow and also buy into the multi-national corporate party line. We need a Party that focuses on economic issues that matter like trade, domestic manufacturing, job growth, regulation of corporate power, and focus on those issues with a laser beam. These issues will never be focused on as long as the two major parties are controlled by corporate interests. I think it is time to start a new party perhaps called the Progressive Populist Party of America or something like that and focus on these important issues, and I think something like this will have to come from the grassroots and websites like this one.


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Constitionalists and Oath Keepers

I've assumed that the Gun Lobby Party, referenced in this poll, is pro-gun ownership party.

Appears as though the SPLC has been successul at branding the Tea Party with the neo-cons (infiltration aside). However, the division (Nov 4 diversity program) will ensure that a lot of bad legislation is deadlocked. No bill is better than a bad bill.

Google "Oath Keepers" if you want to see who the Globalists and SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) fear the most. (First defenders refusing to obey unconstitional orders.)

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point of this sarcastic poll

is policy based on statistics, what works, what is needed, immediately, especially on economic policy, for the U.S. workforce, middle class, is simply not on the ballot.

It's a choice between which special interests do you least object to? The "Tea Party", from everything I've seen is Grover Norquist reinvented, which is the infamous give the money to multinational corporations and uber rich agenda.

Case in point they are pushing "free trade" and "market principles", which is absurd, the U.S. has biased trade, in favor of multi-national corporations.

The paleo-conservatives, of which I think Paul Craig Roberts, Pat Buchanan is in that camp, are pushed out from what I can see, it's only huge monied interests represented.

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My recollection

The Tea Party was an offshoot of the Ron Paul movement. They knew it would be infiltrated from the beginning, that's why there was no "center".

Just my recollection, but the main focus was Audit the Fed. Sure, you've got neo-cons and the media trying to lead the movement, but those who would vote neo-con would vote neo-con anyway -- they are a dying minority.

The current villification is to go after first responders because of pensions, the next immigrant push will be to replace American police and firefighters.

Anyway, I see the pro-gun lobby on the side of the people, the ruling party does not fear an unarmed electorate.

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Which Party

I vote for the "Throw The Rascals Out" party. Corruption is the leading cause of regime failure, and the regime known for 235 years as the United Sttates of America is threatened by corruption more than any other enemy, foreign or domestic.

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The "Stick it in and break it

The "Stick it in and break it off" party.

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