Women Still Getting the Screws Financially

The statistics are pathetic. Women still make 75¢ to a equal male worker in pay. Supposedly Obama wants to take this on after a new study, Women in America: Indicators of Social and Economic Well-Being, shows women are still getting the financial shaft across the economic board.



Women are more vulnerable in layoffs, labor arbitrage and 52% of women drop out of their careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Now there will be claims of all sorts of reasons why women drop like flies in high tech, but one needs to look at good old fashioned discrimination, not only sex and age, but also discrimination against Americans in these fields.

The good news is Obama seems to smell a rat and realize there is obviously discrimination and bias against women in the United States, particularly in the higher paying jobs. The bad news is Obama has every intention of flooding the Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering jobs market with more foreign guest workers, literally trying to turn our education system into a green card ATM. Most of these foreigners are young and male without equality cultural values to boot. Considering the current corporate cultures and engineering environments, this does not bode well for women to gain full acceptance in advanced Engineering and Scientific fields.

Last fall the Paycheck Fairness Act was blocked in the Senate by two votes. Routinely companies consider women in form only, demanding they fill out voluntary diversity identifying information, without even a phone screen. Corporations simply harvest unsuspected candidate's data, all for government reporting purposes to claim their corporation is a good actor. The reality is that woman's resume is chucked to the trash.

Most technology companies are in pure denial on the discrimination against women in tech. Over and over you'll read the most absurd things, like the problem is right brain vs. left brain, or a need for warm fuzzy feelings or even having a family as the reasons so many women are chased out of their careers. Nope, it's pure boy's club. Attitudes and actions go completely unchallenged.



Older women

Older women are more likely to have no retirement. They often take time off for care-giving. Unlike their Mother's generation, they are more likely to be divorced without a home leading to poverty in old age. Thanks for this.

the statistics are horrific

and I dare say the Progressive/Populists almost ignore women as workers, so I called it what it is.

Anyone believing this is not true, I challenge you to trust your car will be fixed by a woman mechanic. Seriously, find a woman mechanic and see why your gut reaction is. Or a women electrical contractor or even a woman fixing your computer or a woman architect to design your house....anything "mathy" or "fix it".

Report back here your gut reaction and that includes all, women can discriminate against women as easily as men can.

If you have a gut reaction this female cannot possibly fix your car....Q.E.D.

Gut reactions

I've been around the block a few times, and I've met dunderheaded men that pretended to know about cars. I've also met interested, knowledgeable, talented lady mechanics that did solid work and explained their work to laymen. I've met bright lady computer techs and knumb skull guy computer techs. Testes do not guarantee proficiency (nor ovaries), and assuming the opposite has cost me LOADS of money.

I won't deny that there is an innate "gut reaction" that makes us trust men more than women with technical, "difficult" work. Most people should have grown out of that by the age of 25.

Though it isn't all bad, I guess. I've met many women that have gotten frighteningly good at something just to spite all us guys that try to act like we know better.