Zero Hedges Finds 32% Greater Unemployment Payout than Unemployed Reported

One must read this post over at Zero Hedge. They have cranked some money outlays from the Treasury for unemployment insurance checks and found a 32% discrepancy. So, is someone getting a lot more money or...
is the actual number of those unemployed getting unemployment checks much larger than what is being reported?

a correlation which used to be almost 1.000 has diverged massively, and now the relative outlays surpass what the government highlights are the number of people actually collecting benefits by 32%!

This implies two things: either the average unemployment monthly paycheck has surged, which is not the case, or there is some gray unemployment area which is not disclosed by the government, and which accounts for a shadow unemployed insurance economy.

Because while the DOL indicates there are about 9.5 million total unemployed, for the correlation to return to its near 1.0 trendline the number of unemployed on benefits has to be 14 million.

At least this is what the actual cash outlays by the Treasury suggest: the government spent a record $14.7 billion on Unemployment Insurance Benefits as of December 30, a 24% jump sequentially from the $11.8 billion in November. Yet the DOL has disclosed a mere 1.7% increase in those to whom insurance benefits are paid: from 9.4 million to just under 9.6 million. To put the $14.7 billion number in perspective, in December the Federal Government paid a total of $14 billion ($700 million less) in Federal Salaries!

Zerohedge has posted graphs and the financial spreadsheets from where they are getting these conclusions.

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