The Keys to the Kingdom - Congressman Peter DeFazio on the Bailout

It's a Bunch of B.S.

You heard it. He said it.  Representative Peter DeFazio called Treasury Secretary Paulson's Bail Out Bill a bunch of B.S.....


The Reaction?    Damn straight Congressman DeFazio!

If only we had more of you to represent us!

Anyone not familiar with Congress Representative Peter DeFazio of Oregon, you should be.  This is one guy who cannot be bought and speaks some obvious truth and votes accordingly!  Pander?   Not this guy and he sure as hell isn't pandering in this speech.

Text of Bail Out Act Before Congress - TAKE ACTION NOW!

Update 09/28/08: If you are looking for the latest draft of the bill, look here. The draft in this blog post is now out of date - The Economic Populist Admin.

Calculated Risk has the scoop on the text of the bailout bill. 

Hat tip to Calculated Risk via Kossack 3 goldens, who has supplied the text of the Wall Street Bailout Act that Bush expects Congress to approve within the next week.

New Trade Bill Introduced in the Senate

A new trade bill has been introduced in the Senate. Hopefully this will not be yet another good piece of legislation that goes to committee to die.

According to Senator Sherrod Brown's Press Release:
The TRADE ACT would:

  • Require the Government Accountability Office to conduct a comprehensive review of existing trade agreements with an emphasis on economic results, enforcement and compliance, and an analysis of non-tariff provisions in trade agreements
  • Spell out standards for labor and environmental protections, food and product safety, national security exceptions, and remedies that must be included in new trade pacts
  • Set requirements with respect to public services, farm policy, investment, government procurement, and affordable medicines that have been incorporated in trade agreements

It's the Policy Stupid

I have been watching the Democratic as well as the Republican primary and I must say at this point, the entire country seems to be stuck on stupid. From the media blackout on Clinton to the DNC rules and disproportionate distribution of pledged delegates, not counting two entire states, and then the superdelegates, well, I think it's fair to say the process is one rigged game where the actual voters don't seem to count for much.

To make matters worse, it appears policy has gone by the wayside. An intelligent, well researched and analyzed policy positions and debate on the effectiveness of those positions is long gone from the political blogs.