What Good is a Tax Raising Republican?

God put the Republican Party on earth to cut taxes. If they don't do that, they have no useful function. ~ Robert Novak

Recently the “Republican” dominated Georgia House and Senate passed a massive tax increase to fund booty for the transportation lobby … err … I mean future transportation projects. The increase was enthusiastically supported by Georgia’s “Republican” Governor, Nathan Deal. It passed the Georgia Senate by 42-12 and the House by 129-41. That's embarrassing.

Corporate Welfare vs. Public Welfare

Last night on MSNBC's The Last Word, Lawrence O’Donnell in his "Rewrite" compared the new 5-year farm bill to Socialism; where taxpayers have to guarantee profits for large corporate farmers with crop insurance and farm subsidies (bad socialism), while at the same time, the Republicans and the Democrats also agreed cut food stamps (good socialism) for the poor.

Oregon County Won't Raise Taxes, Resorts to Posse

Josephine County Oregon, is the backwoods.  The county has an unemployment rate of 9.8%, a 20% poverty rate and a median income well below the state.  The county was also hit hard when timber payments were stopped.  Counties with large federal forests cannot develop on those lands or collect property taxes on them.  Property taxes is the prime way counties pay for services like the county sheriff, jail, health care and courts.

A Tax Loophole For the Rich So Wide It Even Has a Name

We've all heard about that terrible death tax, hated by the super rich across America.  This is the inheritance tax where Uncle Sam is supposed to get 40% of the estate that is passed onto heirs.  The reality is this tax is not paid unless someone has a very poor financial planner and attorney.  There is a loophole in the law which allows billionaires and their heirs to pay nothing in taxes on inheritance.

John Paulson (hedge fund bankster) looking to avoid taxes by moving to Puerto Rico

Look how the "elite" banksters act when it comes to sharing sacrifice in any way. John Paulson, hedge fund manager, might be moving to Puerto Rico from NYC to avoid taxes. Apparently taxes from other people are good enough to provide military and law enforcement to protect people like Paulson, good enough to provide highways, and schools, and hospitals for Paulson. Good enough to provide electricity so that he can lose money on bad trades via his computers, but still not deserving of Paulson's money.