ADP employment report

ADP Employment Report for March 2010 - down 23,000

Ah, those green shooters lying in the brown weeds and crying. The ADP employment report is out and no magic V implied. We have more job loss, not growth, of 23,000.

Nonfarm private employment decreased 23,000 from February to March on a seasonally adjusted basis, according to the ADP National Employment Report®. The estimated change of employment from January 2010 to February 2010 was revised down slightly, from a decline of 20,000 to a decline of 24,000.

The March employment decline was the smallest since employment began falling in February of 2008. Yet, the lack of improvement in employment from February to March is consistent with the pause in the decline of initial unemployment claims that occurred during the winter.

ADP Employment Report for January 2010 - more job losses

Yet another employment report and yet more job losses. The ADP report shows a loss of 22,000 jobs but the bad news is more the loss of 25,000 jobs in manufacturing alone. Construction, no surprise there, lost 37,000 jobs.

Jobs in the service sector increased by 38,000, while goods-producing industries cut 60,000, including 25,000 in manufacturing

ADP Jan. 2010


ADP Employment Report for August 2009

The ADP Employment report for August is out:

Nonfarm private employment decreased 298,000 from July to August 2009 on a seasonally adjusted basis. The estimated change of employment from June to July was revised by 11,000, from a decline of 371,000 to a decline of 360,000.

What is interesting are dueling MSM reports on the ADP statistics.

Bloomberg's title reads U.S. Economy: Companies Cut More Jobs Than Forecast in August. Pretty negative while Reuter's title is U.S. private job losses down, factory orders up.