Big Brother IBM - It's a Brave New World

Here Comes Big Brother and it's in the form of Big Blue.

IBM mind control
Yup, every move you make, every thought you take is now being put into databases for analysis by software.

That's right and the number one target for IBM: their own employees.

By building mathematical models of its own employees, IBM aims to improve productivity and automate management

Ah, I see, the world can be just a nest of worker bees with automated software monitoring your every move.

Do you drink too much? Do you eat too many Twinkies? Hell, big brother knows because we have your profile.

FT Declares Return of the State (Regulation) in Economics

The Financial Times opinion article declares Return of the State.

You sure couldn't tell it by me. Hey, they call Populists vulgar in this article!

It's an interesting piece though, pointing out that with the financial sector crisis the free market has failed and how other emerging economies, the government is very much at the helm.

Here's the first couple of paragraphs as a teaser, click on the above link to read the whole article.

For the best part of three decades, policymakers in the developed world followed Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher in seeking to roll back the frontiers of the state. The triple mantra of privatisation, liberalisation and deregulation held sway.