Big Brother IBM - It's a Brave New World

Here Comes Big Brother and it's in the form of Big Blue.

IBM mind control
Yup, every move you make, every thought you take is now being put into databases for analysis by software.

That's right and the number one target for IBM: their own employees.

By building mathematical models of its own employees, IBM aims to improve productivity and automate management

Ah, I see, the world can be just a nest of worker bees with automated software monitoring your every move.

Do you drink too much? Do you eat too many Twinkies? Hell, big brother knows because we have your profile.

Every credit-card purchase, every cell-phone call, every click on the computer mouse fed these digital troves. Those with the tools and skills to make sense of them could begin to decipher our movements, desires, diseases, and shopping habits—and predict our behavior. This promised to transform business and society.

Uh, ya know people are not linear systems. Even this math head knows that. Yet damn the torpedoes, IBM wants to switch our colorful world to black and white. Corporations binary spreadsheet mentality is trying to claim your past is your future.

So, will our genetic code be next? If you mother or grandparents were alcoholics, or criminals or god knows what, will you now be disqualified to get a job?

Or would it be such that if one say is perceived as not towing the corporate line a little peanut butter that one happens to be highly allergic to is fed to them accidentally at lunch time.

No artificial intelligence program can capture the human spirit or condition. Even if it could, does anyone want it to? Does anyone really believe we are here to be put into a database, analyzed?

I can see the claims now:

We're sorry. We cannot be wrong, our models have a 99% accuracy rate!

This kills the 1% probability of hope, of change, of miracles, of synchronicity of life that is one of the great mysteries of the human condition.

I'm sorry Corporations, you cannot reduce humans to glorified spreadsheet! Humans were born in the Delta, the differences. Hell, even the development of the human race itself lives in the Epsilon of error!

It's a Brave New World!

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