Do You Support Occupy Wall Street?


What about Yes AND no?

I like the idea of the OWS movement. It's something that should have been done years ago by all of the unemployed and underemployed people across the country. The problem is that the movement seems to be more about trying to force company's to change rather than the government. They have no clear goals or defined agenda. The things that would open up jobs for them (e.g. restricting and enforcing immigration laws, changes to the tax code, cutting free trade agreements, etc.) are things they are afraid to say for the fear of being politically unpopular.

So while I support the idea of the movement, I think it's being organized by a group that doesn't have any direction.

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What about tax loopholes? (YES to OWS!)

"So while I support the idea of the movement, I think it's being organized by a group that doesn't have any direction." -- Ira P.

Those organizing OWS appear to be a distributed network numbering in the thousands. Direction of the movement is therefore given coherency only as events develop. That is, the direction is dynamic and flexible, not static and fixed.

That said, it appears that the current direction of the movement as a whole is tending toward the agenda of the Occupy March to Washington. There is actually a specifically stated agenda there to expose the inequities of the tax system and related corruption of the Congress by explicitly demanding repeal of the Bush tax cuts. Although OWS has advanced no particular support for the Democrats, there is no doubt that the March to Washington can only be seen as a direct assault on the Norquist crew in Congress -- who insist that the notorious tax pledge of Republicans in Congress demands their opposition to any real reform to eliminate egregious loopholes in the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), beginning with the Bush tax cuts.

In effect, OWS demonstrators have become exemplars of fiscal conservatism -- much more so than Speaker Boehner and the Tea Party phonies who conspire with banksters and corporate news media to continue the well-known corrupt features of the Internal Revenue Code!

So there is an explicitly focused demand at this time! That's the basis for my vote -- unqualified YES!

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Grover Norquist

I cannot think of a better person to focus their attack on, as individuals. I have no idea what corporations, money is behind that guy but it's like listening to a psychotic read from an economics text. In other words it's gibberish, fantasy. Why anyone would say any pledge to this guy, even the pledge of allegiance, is beyond me.

Oh yeah, an Oath of office should supersede any pledge.

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All Oaths of Office swear Alligiance to Local/State National Gov

Maybe we are on to something here. When you swear allegiance to the Constitiution and Laws of the U.S. how can you have a prior pledge to Norquist? Would anyone dare call tax pledges Treason? How do we sue these M/Fs?

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Burton Leed

We wrote two posts about corruption of OWS

I'm personally on the look out for special interest agendas trying to take them over, number one being the "no illegal is a nonperson", unlimited migration, immigration and if you disagree, you're a racist xenophobe, agenda.

That said, it seems the marches are really about bail outs for the banks while the U.S. middle class, worker gets screwed.

It's about universities, demanding more foreign students, giving in-state tuition to illegals, at the same time raising tuition and costs so much, Americans are walking out with debt for life and on top of things there are no jobs to pay off that debt with. Additionally the jobs, wages are repressed, while CEOs go home with bonuses, no matter what they do or their company does.

The tools of social mobility, economic fairness, which make this country great, have been destroyed and wealth inequality is literally sucking on the future of many of these people.

How many people have done "everything right", yet are broke, bankrupt, homeless? That has become the American experience vs. the America dream now.

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A Revolution Needs only An Old Regime, not a Program

It is the common belief of both Marxists and Conservatives that a social revolution needs an elaborate program of everthing it intends to do when it comes to power. History, recent and ancient, shows that this could not be further from the truth. What did the Sons of Liberty do in 1775 through 1777? They went from
borough hall to hall and got every single small touwn in America on board with the revolution. Revolutions only need an ancien regieme to get rid of. We have the worst kind of old regime.

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Burton Leed