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Getting Progressive Economic Theories More Publicity

I believe it to be the obligation of true progressives everywhere to pressure media to book more progressive economists in the mainstream, CORPORATE media, which tends only to consider the points of view of Washington insiders heavily promoted by the usual politically connected, well - funded think tanks.

Please, to everyone frequenting this site, I urge you to do the same. Contact C-Span at :

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Define a Progressive Economist

What is a Progressive Economist?

I agree, on TV, including C-SPAN, we have way too much economic fiction being spewn around as fact or theory...

but what is a Progressive Economist?

To me, their are serious, unbiased economists who really know their theory, it's correct and they know their math, and there are political pundits and lobbyists throwing some "economics" around, but the math/science isn't so hot.

So, is a Progressive Economist just another version of bad math and bad econ or is a Progressive Economist one who faces economic reality and knows their facts?

Frankly, I'm not sure because I've seen agendas coming from the left too that don't make a lot of sense by the theory and numbers.

How about some sane and competent economists who know how to ply their craft?

Oops, they are all working for the Fed and when some topic popped us that isn't politically correct, they stay away.

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