DOL Labor Secretary Solis on H-1B Guest Worker Visas

Firstly, may I just state that Senator Isakson is spewing pure fiction. The H-1B Visa is called the outsourcing Visa by Indian offshore outsourcers because they are dependent on guest worker Visas to facilitate training of their staff by U.S. workers (who then get fired), and technology transfer. There also is no worker shortage whatsoever of U.S. citizens in these occupational areas. The idea that somehow firing US workers, denying US workers a career and opportunity creates jobs is pure corporate lobbyist spin and is Fictional Employment Theory.



Senator Isakson is also completely wrong on what kinds of jobs are being offshore outsourced. Some of the most advanced, high skilled jobs are going offshore just as Alan Blinder predicted in his research.

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He's actually claiming a worker shortage

During a DEPRESSION?!?!?!?

How stupid does he think we are?

Maximum jobs, not maximum profits.

that is straight propaganda from....

The corporate press kits and lobbyists swarming the hill.

Yes, that is correct, while Microsoft is rumored to be laying off 16,000, we know that Intel's profits dropped 90%,
they are actively lobbying for H-1B Visas.

Read my Fictional Employment Theory post. I go through their just brazen falsehoods on their new strategy to get their corporate labor arbitrage agenda.

Isakson is a Republican. The Republicans who are "on" this issue need to pressure him to no end! Georgia too has lost many jobs due to labor arbitrage.

Semantec CEO for Obama Commerce Secretary

I'm not in favor of the Commerce Secretary nominee. He works for Semantec, key outsourcer of American jobs. He had to have been influenced by the outsourcing mafia and that does not make me comfortable. Check it out: