Have a question for Bernanke?

Jim Lehrer hosts a Q&A with Bernanke in Kansas City, MO today (July 26). You can submit questions here.


On July 26, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will join Jim Lehrer in Kansas City, Mo., for an on-the-record forum about how the central bank has responded to the financial crisis and its changing role on the road to economic recovery. The forum will air on the NewsHour during the week of July 27.

What questions do you have for the Fed chief? Submit inquiries here for Bernanke about the Fed and the current state of the economy.


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Here is my question - but I know it won't be asked!


As you are an expert on the Great Depression, are you aware that securitization originated in the decade preceding the Great Depression when mortgage insurance companies sold guaranteed mortgage participation certificates for pools of mortgage loans? Are you aware of the similarity to what is transpiring today with the present securitization process."

some of mine

How do you justify keeping consumer financial regulatory authority, or even allow the idea of the Fed as systemic risk regulator when the Federal Reserve:

1. Missed the housing bubble
2. Created conditions to create the housing bubble
3. has done nothing about predatory financial products

What is the Federal Reserve hiding in that they do not want a AIG audit? Just like any national security issue, certain information can be kept secret as part of an audit but in terms of what the Federal Reserve has done in terms of $2 trillion dollars in commitments to financial institutions why is it you do not want the public or Congress to know who got the money?

Was the Federal Reserve part of the AIG bail out and why was it allowed to pay out CDSes to other TARP recipients and other foreign banks @ 100%?

I will add to the above.

Will the 'toxic assets' on the Fed's balance sheet from the various Maiden Lane entities every be worth their original value? If not, at point does the Fed write-off billions of dollars in assets? If so, does the Fed intend to sell these "assets" in the open market?

And the best question EVER!

Chairman Bernanke,

Is the federal government, or any related entity, in the process of buying back the US Treasury from Goldman Sachs?

Bernanke - questions that were asked

The NewsHour is running the Bernanke Q&A in a 3-part series of 10 minute snippets this week.
You can find the entire series @ The NewsHour website
Part 1 was last night. Here are some highlights:

Plan to improve Housing Price & Sale


I have plan which can help, improve the housing market, House price & sale. This needs some big governing body involvement, private companies can also partner in this plan as every will have opportunity to make some money.

I believe this is better plan then Cash for clunker, where Government doesn't have any think to make money and is really short term.

Please let me know if there is way I can share this plan with Mr. Bernanke OR any other influential person.

Suresh Arora