What Do You Think Should Be Done With The Stimulus Bill?


Econcomic Stimulus

The money should go directly to every American citizen over the age of eighteen. This will create a new economy of free citizens to do what they want with their money. Now we have a patriarchal handout. If every American over eighteen receives two hundred thousand dollars (less than what is projected to bail everyone out) people can pay their bills, no more housing crisis, no credit card crisis, and entrepreneuship can flourish. This idea is not original, Lincoln used it to pay for the war and restart the American economy, instead of borrowing from England and France. By doing this a new banking system can start and the toxic banks can go away without pain. The stimulus plan, as is, will only prolong the agony, and Americans will pay for it. The American people have to get out from under the mountain of debt, this is where it starts. We keep trying to recapitalize those that created this mess. What do we get? We get to borrow our own money from the same people who destroyed billions of wealth. This is the fourth time we have bailed out the banking system since the late seventies.

Free Americans and create a new economy by giving the cash directly to the people and let those that created this mess borrow from us.

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Trickle Up Economics

That is fundamentally Keynesian or Demand side economics.

Micro credits or micro loans is a new bottom up theory to give the extreme poor small loans to enable them to start a small business, i.e. self employment. This is kind of a bottom up approach and in some countries (one has to consider a lot of variables here) it worked.

It's pretty clear to me supply-side or "trickle down" economics as implemented is simply a wealth redistribution mechanism to take from the middle class and give to the super rich.

But I must say still, the middle class, or working America is really being ignored in policy.

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